Episode 19: Execution, Aligned Action, and Results (Session 14)

In Session 14 with Monica, we dissect the fastest path to more results, why ‘how you feel’ cannot dictate ‘what you do’, and how to make sure you’re not stopping right before the results show up. This episode is all about what to do when your actions are out of alignment with what you really want (and ultimately, how to get it)!


Here’s how it all goes down:

  • How to find a balance between having a plan to follow AND also being willing to tweak as you go
  • Why wanting to do “more, more, more” is actually an *escape* from letting biz be easy (& why we need to do things that feel easy so that we can grow)
  • Dissecting the FASTEST path to more results (what to stop doing & what to start embodying) 
  • The power of finding your own stuck patterns and where they take you out of alignment with what you really want
  • If these are the only two things dictating your experience, then you *cannot* possibly create everything you want
  • The difference between reaction and intention (and one of my favorite tools to execute consistently)
  • How to identify the *best* places to spend your time in biz


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