Episode 18: Permission to Find What Feels Good as Life and Biz Evolve (Session 13 with Monica)

In Session 13 with Monica, we are celebrating! Monica has two big announcements as we reflect on the impact of her daily mindset work, the power of owning your results NOW, and the real truth about what brings success. Plus, I’m giving you the permission to find what feels good AS life and business evolve. (Hint: This is true sustainability for your biz!)


Here’s how it all goes down:

  • The daily mindset work and what a difference it makes
  • The power of celebrating *before* the payment comes and why you need to OWN your success now
  • Feeling worthy is key but it’s not WHY you get results (so let’s break down why success is about deciding not deserving)
  • How to structure and pitch free calls after a presentation so that you can make the most out of your speaking events 
  • How to tweak and change things in your biz to best serve YOU as life changes
  • Why it’s important to keep the old EVEN AS you evolve into the new (i.e. not all of your business has to be updated as you evolve)
  • How to sell all the time without feeling like you’re always selling
  • Why the permission to feel good is true sustainability for your biz


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