Episode 15: Messaging Nuances & Inner Child Needs (Session 12 with Robyn)

In Session 12 with Robyn, we dive into social media and messaging in a big way. We talk about  what it looks like to make it the priority again and the nuances behind the message Robyn is putting out. We also discover a gap in her marketing that brings up some big edges and a conversation around a promise she made to herself when she was a child. This episode will support you with strategic steps you can take as well as a broader view of what could be keeping you stuck from going big with your own visibility.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • When to make social the priority and when it’s OK if it’s not. Sometimes social is the priority and sometimes it’s not and both are OK
  • The thing that really creates ease in business (and lets you lean into your feminine)
  • The big shift Robyn is making in her own messaging
  • The big work we often have to do as we lean into more visibility (and why it often involves our inner child)
  • Why ‘landing the plane’ for your clients is so valuable after a big breakthrough

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