In Session 8 with Monica, we discuss all things sales: how to feel confident on a sales call, making the sale without feeling pushy or sleazy, the #1 thing to do on a discovery call, and how to follow-up afterwards.


Here’s exactly how it breaks down:

  • What to do when you have a thought that doesn’t feel good
  • How to push past barriers or move through sticking points in your business
  • Practice makes perfect when it comes to sales (so here’s how to get started!)
  • Taking a moment to DECIDE that you get sales now
  • How to figure out the *actual* objection (hint: the one behind time, money, or “readiness”)
  • Don’t get off a sales call without doing this one thing first!
  • Two of my favorite Q’s to ask when working through objections
  • The REAL goal of a sales call (hint: it’s not to get a yes)
  • How to best follow up with clients who aren’t quite ready
  • A practical exercise to improve sales conversion rates

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