Episode 1: LITerally™: The Introduction

This podcast literally takes you through the entire process of building a successful business and creating a lit up life. By recording every coaching session in entirety, you get an unfiltered view of the ups and downs of starting an online business, as well as the work that goes on behind the scenes to build that business. Our goal is to transform how you’re looking at your own business, and give you a ton of inspiration, permission and actionable information along the way

In the first episode of Season 1, it’s time to introduce my coaching client, Monica! We’re sharing how this idea came to fruition, why we feel like it’s going to serve you in SUCH a big way, and how LITerally can help you build your own business.


Here’s what goes down in this episode:

  • The inspiration behind LITerally™, why Lacey wanted to start a podcast, and how exactly LITerally will serve YOU
  • The business background and experience Monica brings to the table and the path she took to get where she is today (i.e. to starting a new business from the ground up!)
  • The REAL nitty gritty (and not always pretty) creation of LITerally + the fears we’ve had to fight in order to hit “publish”
  • What Monica hopes to accomplish through coaching, and what she hopes others will gain from hearing her story
  • A deep dive into the goals Monica wants to pursue over the next 6 months in her business


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