Do The Work with Jaime Morocco: $250k as a Health Coach without Paid Marketing

“When we’re talking about doing the mindset work, we’re not talking about perfection.” – Jaime


During this episode of the Do The Work series, I’m talking with Online Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Coach, and Holistic Nutritionist, Jaime Morocco. 

Jaime runs her company, Dream Body, Dream Life, where she is committed to helping her clients unlock the greatest version of themselves without using extreme or restrictive methods. She believes in the innate intelligence of the human body, and the fact that every single one of us needs a little something different when it comes to reaching our goals. Jaime has helped hundreds of women find the perfect plan for THEM so they can have their dream body and live their dream life. 

One of the reasons I invited Jaime to be part of this series is because she’s a health coach who made $250k last year (and will make at least $350k this year) AND she’s done all of it without paid marketing. We so often only hear about the big successes of business coaches and that’s not because this doesn’t work for other industries but rather because it most often only benefits business coaches to share. I am SO excited to have this conversation so you can see how doing the mindset work will impact your success NO MATTER what you do!

So, let’s dive in!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How mindset work helped Jaime scale from $50k in revenue in 2018 to $250k in 2019 (and how she’s on track for 30% MORE in 2020)
  • The “secret” ingredient that made it possible for Jaime to travel weekly, plan a wedding, and grow her business 4.5x in 2019 
  • The REAL reason Jaime had her biggest month ever this past March (during the Coronavirus… when it made absolutely no sense for her revenue to keep growing!)



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