Do The Work with Julia Wells: From 0-$500k in 9 months

“The best strategy won’t work without mindset, or feel good.” – Julia


During this episode of the Do The Work series, I’m talking with Pussy-Based Business Coach, Julia Wells. 

Julia scaled her business from 0-$500k in just 9 months and was put on this planet to help women unleash their full power and brilliance so they can create a business and life they’re obsessed with. Julia believes that pleasure is the key to unlocking a life and business beyond our wildest dreams and now uses her pleasure to profit method to help her clients do the same.

One of the reasons I invited Julia to be part of this series is because success and big results have not always come easily to her. She’s the perfect example of someone who *appears* to be an overnight success but whose success was also years in the making. We’re so quick to attribute fast growth and financial success to a certain strategy and that’s why I think Julia’s take on what “work” actually made her growth possible is going to be SO valuable. 

So, let’s dive in!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Julia hit her first $100k launch when it did NOT look like it could happen (i.e. she was only at 50% to her goal at cart close)
  • The nitty-gritty of EXACTLY how to take an affirmation from something you want to believe is true to something that rolls off your tongue *because* it’s true (hint: this is how you turn thoughts into things and Julia tells you step-by-step what this looks like for her)
  • The most LITERAL description of “do the work” we can possibly share (and what mindset activities Julia does on a daily basis)


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