Do The Work with Ellie Swift: How marketing & mindset led to $60k months with ease

“The more effortless it feels, the more likely you are to do it.” – Ellie


During this first episode of the Do The Work series, I’m talking with Mindset and Marketing Coach, Ellie Swift. 

Ellie is also a Social Media Strategist, Writer, and Speaker who works with ambitious women ready to share their unique blend of magic with the world and TRULY be seen so that they can connect authentically with their customers online (and grow their heart-centered businesses!).

One of the reasons I invited Ellie to be part of this series is because she is a beautiful example of someone who is committed to her mindset work AND deeply believes in marketing. Ellie has created an amazing multi-six figure business and exemplifies how doing the mindset work also lets you do the strategic work in your business. 

I can’t wait for you to hear her take on what mindset has meant in her business and what doing the work really looks like for her, so let’s dive in!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The one thing Ellie has had to do over and over again to hit $60k months
  • How Ellie rewrote the story that says “the harder you work, the more you earn” so she could invite more success with more EASE
  • The “hack of all hacks” that creates fast growth and how Ellie balances marketing strategy with mindset strategy
  • Simple mindset activities that make ALL the difference (and the actual day-to-day practice that Ellie follows to “do the work”)


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