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LITerally™ is a podcast that shares the raw, unscripted experience of building an online business. Each episode is a recording of actual coaching sessions between Lacey and one of her clients over the course of six months, giving you the “reality tv view” (minus the sleaze) of building an online business.
This podcast will completely transform how you look at business and give you a much-needed dose of inspiration and permission to do things your way.

LITerally™: The Introduction

This podcast literally takes you through the entire process of building a successful business and creating a lit up life. By recording every coaching session in entirety, you get an unfiltered view of the ups and downs of starting an online business, as well as the work that goes on behind the scenes to build […]

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Clarity, Intention, and Moving Forward Before You See Results (Session 1 with Monica)

In Session 1 with Monica, we’re talking about how to find a focus in messaging, what to do when imposter syndrome rears its head, the important of moving forward before seeing results, and what often ends up being the hardest part of building an online business.   Here’s how it goes down: Common initial struggles […]

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Congruent Pricing, Streamlined Offers, and Selling with Confidence (Session 2 With Monica)

In Session 2 with Monica, we discuss getting people on the phone before you’re ready, the importance of delivering a specific result on a call, how to lead a sales call that feels good for you and your clients, creating (and pricing) your first offer, and delivering sales pitches that convert.   Here’s how it […]

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Making Fast Shifts, Releasing Outdated Stories, and Separating Yourself from Your Business (Session 3 with Monica)

In Session #3 with Monica, we discuss the key to making fast shifts in life and biz, how to move past the narratives and stories keeping you stuck, the most important things to know about using free calls and opt-ins in your business, and how to treat your business like a business and dictate the […]

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No-shows, Defining Success, and Letting Go of Busy Work (Session 4 with Monica)

In Session 4 with Monica, we discuss handling “no-shows” for discovery calls, making content 10x easier to write and convert, breaking down WHAT actually creates success and the importance of defining this for yourself, working through resistance towards being visible in front of the scenes, and the best results-focused exercise for big growth!   Here’s […]

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Getting Out of Your Own Way (Close-Up with Lacey)

In Episode #6, I’m speaking solo to discuss showing up for your strategy and executing consistently in order to see big results in biz, why it’s important to get clear on a strategy that feels good and how to get out of your own way enough to follow through, the 6 elements of getting what […]

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The Power of Trade-offs, Consistent Action, and Making Orders in Your Biz (Session 5 with Monica)

In Session #5 with Monica, we discuss the importance of trade-offs in business and life (and how this could be what’s leaving you frustrated), making your actions as consistent as the income you desire, the power of staying connected to your business every single day (even if only for a few minutes at a time), […]

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Creating Fast Results through Mindset, Self-Care, and Overcoming Objections (Session 6 with Monica)

In Session #6 with Monica, we discuss why feeling good is critical to the success of your biz, how to stop making it so hard (and finally let it be easy), how fast things can shift when you stay in the process, and handling objections on sales calls by addressing the two reasons people *don’t* […]

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The Framework for Getting EVERYTHING You Want (Close-Up with Lacey)

Episode #9 is another solo episode where I discuss the 3 components necessary to having all the success you want, how to stop solving the wrong problem in your biz, my #1 favorite exercise to get unstuck, and how to create bigger results FAST.   Here’s what I share: My background as a therapist, non-profit […]

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