A Lit Up Partnership

Part Two Instructions

Welcome to PART TWO of the application process for A Lit Up Partnership.
This week you’re going to be asked to do the following 3 steps to advance to Round 3.

One of the most important things I’ve found in choosing a mentor of my own is that their values are similar to mine, and that I just flat out dig them. I want you to make sure you feel that way about me. If you don’t, that’s totally cool, but I want you to make sure you get a mentor that you really jive with because that’s where the magic happens. In order to get to know me I want you to read My Story to learn about my background and journey. Then, I invite you to comment on this link in the group if you want to ask me a question that feels important to you in choosing me as your mentor. It can be personal, business, or just for fun! I recognize that some people may have the SAME question so if someone already asked yours please make sure to reply to their question so I know you’re engaged and participating. Throughout the week, I’ll answer as many of the questions as possible. You can also join me on livestreams inside my Facebook group to hear me answer questions live and give you the opportunity to get to know me better! Watch Q&A Part 1 here, Q&A Part 2 here, and then join me live for Q&A Part 3 on Monday, January 13th at 5pm EST.


Something that has been crucial to my own development is my willingness to support my peers, clients, and mentors. I’m ALL about community and lifting one another up. That means both the people supporting us, the people around us, and the people we support! This is something I value VERY highly in those I work with, so this week I’d love to see you commenting and supporting each other on your videos. If you see someone else’s video for A Lit Up Partnership please like, comment, and give support to them! I’d also love to see your willingness to support me since we’re going to be partners. Here are a few ways how:

  • Listen to my podcast LITerally and please leave a review on iTunes
  • Watch and share a video from my website
  • Follow and engage with me on Instagram (tag me in comments or use the hashtag #alituppartnership so I see it!)

Create a video (ideally keeping it around 3 minutes!) telling me why you and your business are valuable, what value you offer to your clients, and unapologetically owning why you and your business are AMAZING! I’d like you to post/share this video as many places as possible (definitely in my Facebook group!) and use the hashtag #alituppartnership and tag me so I can find them! The reason I want you to make a video and share like crazy is because I’m looking for a partner who is willing to make their value visible, and I want this to be something you can use again and again! Feel free to do a recorded video or a livestream, but make sure it’s re-usable (because that’s super valuable to YOU) and try to keep it clear, concise and around the 3 minutes! Without visibility and value we have no business…we just have a website. So this week I want to encourage you to get sold on your OWN value and to share that VALUE as many places as possible! I know this can be challenging, so I wanted to walk my talk by making one too! So here is MY video on this topic.

All of this needs to be completed before moving on to Round 3! Round 3 begins on January 13 and the winners are announced on January 20.