One Sales Strategy You Should Be Implementing To Create A Successful Business

So many times we hear that sales are the lifeline of our business. We have put so much focus on “making the sale” and pitching to our potential clients, that many times we’ve forgotten why we created our business in the first place. Yes, sales are so important to the survival of our business, but have we been looking at this all wrong?
I’ve realized that business owners are approaching the growth of their biz all backwards. We’ve been trained when creating goals to ask questions like:

  • How can I add 1,000 people to my list?
  • How can I make 10K per month?
  • How can I sign 6 new clients?

But, what if, we instead asked questions that are based on GIVING value. This is something I learned from the incredible Margaret Lynch and it works!
Instead we can ask:

  • How can I give value to 1,000 new people?
  • How can I give 10k worth of value per month?
  • How can I give 6 new people a life + business changing experience?

It’s about how I can GIVE more value, not how can I GET XYZ!
When we shift our mindset it means we move out of scarcity, out of our fear-based ego, and into a place of desire and abundance. We start asking how we can give more of ourselves, our gifts, and our purpose!
That’s the reason my sales process is called Value-Centered Sales™.

Because value freaking matters.

Because when you give value and then actually ask for business… magic happens… you receive that value back.
I think the service provider who provides her audience with results BEFORE they shell out any money will always stand out louder and longer than the service provider with the fancy promises that never deliver.
Serve your people with serious value, energy, and love.

If you’re looking for the sale BEFORE you’re looking to serve, you’ve got it backward.

When you stop worrying about selling, and first get focused on helping and giving your audience a result before they’ve ever paid you a dime… everything changes.
And that whole selling thing?
It becomes a piece of cake.
Now, how can we begin implementing this in our own business?
Let’s first ask ourselves the following question:

What value do you want to offer your clients/potential clients over the next month?

You might come up with something like…

  • Give value to 100 new people through an awesome 5-day challenge
  • Create a life / business-changing experience for 3 new people
  • Give 10k worth of value each month to my clients
  • Make sure each person in my Facebook group feels seen and heard
  • Develop a new opt-in to solve the #1 problem I keep hearing about from my followers
  • Host a live Q & A once a week for the next 4 weeks

Once you’ve got your goal, the way in which you want to give value in this next month, then come up with the game place to actually give it! Because when we’re actively participating in creating what we want and giving that value, we’re creating an energetic exchange that makes us, and our potential clients feel awesome.
When we feel awesome and focused in our business everything changes!
It’s so important to always remember to focus on all of the value we can provide and the transformation it creates for our community.
When your focus is genuinely on helping people and serving others, the Universe responds with some serious abundance.

Now, I want to hear from you! How will you focus on GIVING to your existing audience this week? How will you show up and deliver serious value – without banking on anything specific in return?


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