Have you been  daydreaming about taking

Your online business to a whole new level ?

Do you long to create personal and financial freedom in your life?

Are you ready to develop a game plan that will allow you to make an unparalleled impact in your industry?

Maybe you’ve already taken action, building a website and spreading the word. But it isn’t enough. You know you need support to optimize your business and see real, long-term results, and you know you need to implement a sound strategy designed specifically for you.

Well, love, you’re in the right place.

It’s time to build a business that

Lights You Up!

Does this sound familiar? You:

  • are tired of doing a lot of work for little reward, and ready to implement some serious strategy so you can work smarter, not harder,
  • want to stop struggling to identify your niche and audience, and instead create content that shares your message far and wide, and with ease,
  • hate endlessly chasing down clients and are ready to draw them to you like a magnet,
  • feel stressed and overwhelmed, instead of lit up and fulfilled by your business each day and are oh-so-ready to change that,
  • struggle with reaching your ideal clients, but want to sell out your programs and packages giving you the success & abundance you desire,
  • find yourself letting fear and uncertainty take control, and are ready to do the mindset work to change that and get the guidance and support you need,
  • are sick of doing it alone and want to work with others who share your passion and enthusiasm while making lots of money doing what you love,
  • can’t wait to skyrocket your success and build a business that not only lights you up, but spreads your light to the world while giving you the freedom you’ve always desired.

Master the three key ingredients to success:

Mindset,  Strategy,  &  Execution

Custom-tailored and optimized for your specific needs, my one-on-one business mentoring and success coaching program is customized for your specific needs and desires. That said, I always focus on these three essential ingredients:


Get out of your own head, drop the fear, and create a killer mindset for success. With an M.S. in mental health counseling and an M.B.A. with a concentration in ethical leadership I provide the ultimate combination of inner and outer work.


Stop taking two steps forward, one hundred steps back. As a mentor and success coach that has built her own successful businesses {actually 2 of them!} I will help you develop the blueprints you need to accomplish everything you desire.


It’s not enough to develop a plan; you have to see it through. As your accountability partner, I’ll make sure you’re executing each week, and we’ll optimize your goals for maximum growth.

You will see results.

That is my  promise to you.

You need a business coach who has walked the walk. My background, combined with my passion for helping women grow their businesses, create personal and financial freedom, and spread their light and message makes me the best coach you could have.
As a successful entrepreneur with a tremendous amount of education and experience, nothing lights me up more than helping others grow and succeed.

My Commitment to You:

  • To take the time to truly know and understand you, your business, and your needs,
  • The undivided attention of a one-on-one relationship that encourages growth, progress, and positive change,
  • Access to processes and practical tools that allow you to easily create consistent content that speaks to your ideal client,
  • Creation of strategies around the nuts and bolts of business planning and goal setting,
  • Development of exceptional clarity on what your ideal life and business look like,
  • Support in setting and meeting measurable, actionable goals designed to optimize your success,
  • My full authentic self, including all of the knowledge I’ve gained from building two successful online businesses, filling my coaching practice, and managing a $45 million/year non-profit.

Are you ready to

Stoke The Fire?

I believe in making coaching accessible and actionable, and it should always be a worthwhile investment. I’m here to help, whether you’re looking for a highly focused, one-time session or a long-term partner in your success.


To schedule some time to talk about the possibility of working together and using mindset work, serious business strategy, and focused execution to totally transform your business (and life!), sign up for a complimentary discovery call here, or feel free to email me at lacey[at]alituplife.com