How being motivated by more than money will help you grow your business

What motivates you in your business?
At the beginning of our business it’s normal to be primarily motivated by money (because you have to make money to make a difference.. am I right?), but we’re not necessarily bringing it in right away so we need something ELSE to motivate us as well.
Then a little while into our businesses we’re bringing in the money and it’s motivating us to make more, but we’re starting to get a little itch that we need to connect to something MORE than money to KEEP us motivated.
Finally, as we’ve increased our income, and are hitting our goals the money is still awesome, but it’s not our driving factor, and if more than money hasn’t previously motivated us it will be easy to burn out. We’re also in the position of having to keep a team motivated, and trading dollars for hours isn’t doing the trick. We have to not only keep ourselves motivated by more than money, but our team as well.
So what does that mean? It means that STARTING OUT being motivated by more than money is key to your progression, evolution, ability to make money, and ultimately your impact!
That’s EXACTLY why I invited Erica Gellerman to join me for a conversation on this topic!

Erica is a consultant, advisor, and partner for women who run small businesses and want to lead them in a big way, and she has some AMAZING tips to share with us on motivating both our team and ourselves with more than money!
In the video, we talked about the mindset rollercoaster and how to address it, plus strategies that can help you stay motivated.
These strategies will leave you more motivated for sure, but they will also boost your productivity + profits…. because more motivation = more results. Simple as that.
After you’ve watched our conversation, I want to hear from you! Share in the comments what strategies you want to implement in your business to stay motivated!


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