Money Flows Where It Has a Purpose

Big income months are good, big impact months are better, and both together is BEST.
That’s why it’s important to me to have conversations around how to create an impactful business, but to also be TOTALLY available to talk about income and making money without the shame or judgment around it.
I notice that in this industry it seems like we’ve created some extremes…. Where we ONLY talk about the impact or we ONLY talk about the money. Now, I get that this isn’t everyone (and that it’s a sweeping generalization) but I DO want to make the case that you CAN be about BOTH while being in INTEGRITY.
I’ve created consistent 5 figure months since my second month in business, and I know that we CAN be about the income in a way that feels good. One of my secrets of how I’ve been able to make that happen is that a huge part of it (besides putting in the blood, sweat, and tears of course!!) has been setting intentions.


A wonderful mentor of mine told me quite some time ago that “money flows where it has a purpose”. That has always stuck with me, and has become a huge part of my practice in my business.
So let’s talk about the mindset behind it….
Do you really believe you can create the wealth you desire?
Do you believe that you can create more than enough money to fulfill all of your wants and needs?
Do you believe that the Universe totally has your back (hey Gabby B!) in making this happen?
Do you believe that giving money a purpose allows it to come to you with more ease?
Those are the most important questions to start with when setting intentions around money because they truly set the foundation for everything you can create.
If you believe all of the above are true then there’s nothing stopping you from creating EXACTLY what you want. Sit with these questions, journal on them and feel into their truth.


Setting strong intentions around money can totally transform how money flows to you!
I mentioned above that a mentor had told me that “money flows where it has a purpose” and that is exactly the belief I hold when setting my intentions around money.
I decide how much I desire to make in the upcoming months, assign where every penny of it will go, and then I get really unattached to HOW it will happen. In other words, I hold space for the money coming to me in an unlimited number of ways… it doesn’t have to look like 4 clients or 2 paychecks. It just has to show up.
(Fun fact: when I shared this with a good friend not so long ago the money showed up for her in the CRAZIEST way imaginable… so the staying unattached piece is key)
When setting an intention on the amount I strive for it to feel exciting and like a bit of a stretch, but not so big that my brain is screaming at me, “That’s NEVER going to happen!!” Our intentions need to feel somewhat realistic for us to be able to hold space for them to happen.
I know this might sound a little “woo” (but #letsgetreal.. I love me some woo), but I promise you setting intentions that feel exciting, and not deciding HOW they have to happen can make all the difference in not only finances but life + business as well.


To execute on this, I want you to set your own intentions around money and create a practice that works for you!
Your exercise is to:

  1. Decide how much money you want to make each month for the next 3 months. Remember, you want it to feel exciting and like a stretch but not totally impossible!
  2. Assign where every penny of that money will go WHEN it comes in.
  3. Put this document somewhere where you can read and reference it often.
  4. Track your money as it comes in to prove that money is flowing to you constantly. (Denise Duffield Thomas talks about this a lot and I’ve noticed that when I track AND sit in the gratitude for it things flow and FEEL good)
  5. DO NOT think about HOW it’s going to come to you. Just continue holding the vision that it’s already done!


Now I want to hear from you! Do you set intentions around money? What does your money practice look like?

P.S. If you want even more on this, I dug up an old video from February that I made on the topic of setting intentions around money. I share something REALLY cool that I realized about the intentions I’d been setting in my business! If you want to know what that is, and how you can create your own intention practice that allows money to flow to you, check it out here.


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