Want to know what it takes to coach your clients so they STAY WITH YOU all the way to and through their success?

I’ll reveal my secrets. (Secret #1: They’re not all that secret, but they sure as hell have worked for my world-changing client roster.)

The Ultimate Mini-Course to Maximizing Results in 1:1 Coaching

Learn the proven strategies & foundational tools for creating an in-demand container that gets your clients real results

You know that helping your clients maximize their results will set your business apart from the rest.

And you probably know that clearly establishing your container and how you hold and serve your clients are critical pieces to this.

But what the online space WANTS you to think is that it’s complicated and costly to learn how to coach for big results… but I’m here to tell you that just isn’t the truth.

I’m sharing it here with you in just 7 modules (+ a juicy bonus!), packed with my expertise from building a 7-figure business with a 1:1 coaching model alone.

You’ll get the mindset practices, coaching strategies, client success stories, and concrete resources that are proven to help you discover your own approach to 1:1 coaching that WOWs clients with both the results and experience they’re after. You’ll also hear about my own mistakes and what I learned the hard way (so you don’t have to).

This mini-course is about helping you help your clients not only see those wins, but actually feel really cared for and supported in the process of working with you…

…which is how we retain them, get referrals, and build a sustainable business with wildly impressive client success stories to back it.

Trust me, this is know-able stuff. It’s not a matter of whether you have “it” or not as a coach. It’s a matter of having the right lens to think about things through so you can be present and give what you’ve got instead of always thinking about your next “right” move when you’re in the room with your client.

As a coach that has led my clients to some incredible results (from zero dollars to multi-6 and multi-7 figures), I can tell you that the lens is actually quite simple and when you really nail it, it will be your biggest asset in creating the unique and valuable experience your people are waiting for.

And it’s all inside the mini-course (for 1/100th the price of most coaching certs, BTW).

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Everything you need to know to create a client-centered experience that actually leads to real results – for your clients AND for you.

Take a sneak peek at the juicy goods inside the Ultimate Mini-Course to Maximizing Results in 1:1 Coaching:

You’ll learn the mindset shifts required for both you and your client to achieve transformative results. This includes owning your role as a coach, the client owning their CEO role, and more.

Resources Included: Triangle Exercise, Coach Job Description, Client Job Description

BONUS: What to do if a client expects you to be entirely responsible for their results

These are the bread and butter of how to facilitate breakthroughs and progress. Think presence, mindset, strategy, execution, and how to identify and solve the right problems for your clients – and I give you the nitty gritty of it all.

Resources Included: Returning Someone to Power and Choice Examples, The MSE Framework Cheat Sheet, Resistance Statements vs. Empowered Decision Statement Examples

Want to know if this stuff really works? This module showcases case studies of real client transformations and how 1:1 support helped them to achieve those results in their own unique ways – we’re talking making millions AND getting the personalized support they each needed.

A successful 1:1 coaching business requires more than just helping someone get a quick win. The most sustainable and scalable businesses are built on strong relationships with your clients and a deeply supportive coaching container. You’ll learn about effective communication, follow-through, checking your ego around results, and more to ensure your clients feel like more than just a number.

Resources Included: Expectation Setting Cheat Sheet

We’re covering how to actually customize coaching programs to meet individual client needs and goals. I’ll share my approach to learning about my clients, taking their individual needs and goals into consideration, and treating our partnership as an ever-evolving thing, rather than a transactional relationship.

Resources Included: Knowing Your Client Cheat Sheet

Overcoming Common Challenges There are certain challenges specific to 1:1 coaching that need to be addressed in order to help your clients maintain forward momentum in their businesses. This module covers the five challenges I see most often and how to solve them for a better overall experience for both parties, not to mention better results!

Getting results is so much easier when we have concrete ways of tracking progress, measuring success, and celebrating milestones. Plus, it makes business more fun, too! You’ll get all of my best tools and resources for doing that so your client feels supported, motivated, and clear on where they’re at and how much they’ve accomplished thus far!

Resources Included: Client Results Tracker, Metrics That Make a Difference Tracker

None of us are perfect, and I’m opening up on where I’ve fallen short in my own journey, what I did to correct, and what I do differently now based on that. This will be invaluable to normalize the challenges we all face as coaches and to give you resources to handle the tough situations that can come your way.

This is the goldmine of info you’ve been waiting for to help your clients achieve amazing results, create a highly sought-after coaching business, and succeed in this industry without all of the confusion and secrecy.

Because I truly believe that building a successful coaching business doesn’t need to be classified information, hard to learn, or crazy expensive.

I want the online business space to thrive, and that starts with helping YOU help people get the amazing results only you can offer them (which only and ever gets you more results as well).

If you’ve felt chaotic trying to figure out how to do this with your own spin on things, you may just be missing out on the right guidance and the effective tools, frameworks, and support mechanisms.

And, no. You don’t need another certification to be a qualified coach.

No gimmicks or hacks, only the tried-and-true aspects of 1:1 coaching that I’ve seen WORK (again and again).

I’ve taken multiple clients from $0 all the way to multiple six and even multiple seven figures. Not only do they reach their goal to grow and scale, but they stay with me in my coaching container for literally years.

And this isn’t because they’re dependent on me. It’s quite the opposite actually. They stay because they feel empowered enough to know they don’t have to. They stay because the support feels great to have, not like a ‘must’ for their own success.

I want this for you and your clients too...

...and this course will show you exactly how to build that rave-worthy 1:1 coaching experience that’s focused on serving clients well, building a relationship with them, and offering a unique spin to coaching that calls in dream clients (and keeps them).

I've been with some of my clients longer than I've been married, because I coach with THEM IN MIND for their sustained success.

(And it allows me success in the process.)

I’m Lacey Sites. When I started A Lit Up Life, I earned $20k during my second month in business. I crossed the $100k mark in 10 months and scaled to multi-six figures in less than 16 months.

For years, I consistently added at least $100k per year in annual revenue – scaling my business to over $1 million a year doing only work I LOVE (1:1 coaching).

And I made it all happen with my signature coaching framework, helping hundreds of women create life-changing results – we’re talking clients making $10k, $50k, $300k cash months and building multi-six, seven and multiple seven-figure businesses that they love.

Not to mention, after having my son in 2022, it not only gave me the income I love, and clients I love- but the flexibility to be the mom I want to be. And that has meant more to me than I can possibly say.

I’ve distilled everything down into this mini-course that has worked time and time again for me with my clients because I really believe there shouldn’t be a barrier to this kind of information if we want an industry of well-resourced coaches with a genuine desire to serve.

Get ready to finally nail YOUR unique approach to 1:1 coaching that will help your clients feel seen, heard, and supported on their way to their biggest and best results yet!

Here’s what you’ll get:

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you enroll, you’ll have immediate access to all of the modules and bonus resources so you can feel free to pace yourself through them at your preferred speed!
This is for any coach. I don’t dive into business tactics or strategies at all. We focus simply on how you’re holding and supporting someone in your coaching experience, which can be applied to any niche you choose!
This information is mostly geared toward coaches. However, I will say that many of these practices will be helpful for you in establishing a boundaried and beneficial container, no matter what types of clients you serve.
It’s different because of it’s singular focus. We’re not diving into a million tools or strategies here. We’re focused on one thing- your client relationship- because that is what has been proven to have the biggest impact on results.
Each module is less than 25 minutes, plus a short intro and conclusion chat with me! You can come back to the course material as much as you need to (but it’s not super time-consuming). The resources included with the modules are yours to use as you wish and also pour over and implement with as much time as you want to dedicate to them. The more you utilize these tools to their fullest extent, the more you will get out of them!
No! While this is a goldmine of information, the point is just that- to give you more information and support as a coach. This isn’t about being able to tell someone you’re certified, but about being able to truly show your care and commitment to their success through implementing what you learn here.
There are no additional support structures in this program apart from the modules and resources. This was done intentionally for two reasons: 1. To keep cost low and ensure this information is easily accessible and 2. Because supervision for coaching is something that should be safe and confidential and would require a different level of support and nuance. This is something I do with my 1:1 clients but couldn’t currently ensure the proper level of confidentiality and care within a large community.

Here’s an important truth…

1:1 coaching can be an amazingly profitable business model for you.

But here’s the hard reality…

Most coaches bail before they experience the real benefits because everyone’s teaching them sales tactics and steel-encased boundaries, how to make reels and foolproof launch plans.

But nobody’s teaching you how to be in the room with the clients you’re building your business to serve. THAT is going to be the thing that makes 1:1 doable, sustainable, profitable, and even SCALABLE for you.

Here’s an important truth…

1:1 coaching can be an amazingly profitable business model for you.

But here’s the hard reality…

Most coaches bail before they experience the real benefits because everyone’s teaching them sales tactics and steel-encased boundaries, how to make reels and foolproof launch plans.

But nobody’s teaching you how to be in the room with the clients you’re building your business to serve. THAT is going to be the thing that makes 1:1 doable, sustainable, profitable, and even SCALABLE for you.

And that’s why I’m FINALLY unlocking my secrets, and I’m NOT slapping a “certification price” on them.

Unlock the Full Mini-Course for only $99

(or receive MODULE 1 for FREE)


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