Megan’s responses to client questions

Q&A: Planning Time Off

Would love to know how you prep Lacey’s business for vacation time.

I’m planning on taking 3 weeks off in September and I’m feeling slightly stressed about:

  • when to commit to being online (if at all. My preference is to take as much of a break as possible).
  • what to communicate to coaching clients who are starting in July and August.

Q&A: Offering Discounts

I’d like to hold an event to drive sales to my intensive. I have an event that I’ve held before that lead to a free call that I’d like to tweak and reuse for this. My question is: as I promote my intensive throughout the event, should I promote a discount? I was thinking that I could give a $50 discount if people book by a certain date (it’s a $497 intensive). It could be a thank you for joining the event kind of thing. Just wondering your thoughts on that! Thanks!