Client Testimonial

Trudy Estes

I first met Lacey at a week-long Eckard College leadership course, and was very impressed by her then. The youngest of the group of professionals there, she was so poised, confident and capable that she nevertheless stood out. She is a genuine, delightful, person of exceptional warmth, possessing understanding beyond her years and a wonderful sense of humor. When she launched A Lit Up Life, I was at a professional crossroads. Burned out and dissatisfied, I was finding it difficult to get any traction on what direction to take. The result was complete inertia- professionally and personally. I wasn’t certain that coaching was going to be the answer – I wasn’t really sure, for that matter, what coaching involved.

However, our first, brief conversation confirmed my hunch that Lacey would bring something unique and valuable to the table. I was amazed by her ability to glean key insights from our conversation – things that gave me a completely new perspective on the issues at hand. Though her guidance and coaching, I have begun to approach these questions from a new direction and this has also helped me to bring new focus to the work I am currently doing. I cannot recommend Lacey highly enough. She is imminently qualified in every respect. If you have the opportunity to work with her – take it!


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