Client Testimonial

Suzy Olivier

When I started working with Lacey I was just starting out as a coach, literally just a month or two into it. I’d been in business for well over a decade (in other businesses) but never in a coaching capacity, so it was a totally new arena for me. I had next to ZERO confidence in how to navigate becoming a coach or how to launch high ticket offers. I had managed to magically sign a few clients, but besides that, I had nothing else happening in my business and was at around the £2K/month mark.

I used to be exceptionally hard on myself and totally believed that success = hard work and vice versa. Lacey introduced me to the notion of ease, joy and fun in business and it totally changed everything! Both in me and the business! Realising that I could be at the helm of a high-profit, high-impact business AND still be totally present for my family and have time and space to prioritise ME has been the greatest gift.

My business is truly a magical place now! Within weeks of starting work with Lacey, I had booked out my 1-1 programme and achieved my very first £10K month. Despite the last few years containing an international house move, tough pregnancy and arrival of my third baby, the business has managed to double in income and I’ve totally retained my sanity and enjoyment in the process!

Lacey has taught me how to intuitively navigate my business growth instead of following some “this is what you need to be successful” checklist that would have put endless stress and joy on me before. I can honestly say that running and growing my business now feels like an absolute dream.

There are a lot of business coaches out there, but Lacey is truly in a league of her own – there’s genuinely no one else like her. She sincerely loves her clients and you feel that in each and every call and message. Lacey has an epic ability to see past any BS or fronts to get to the root of what’s really going on and always has the BEST advice for navigating all things from mindset to life, and of course business.


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