Client Testimonial

Sarah Pelc Graca

Working with Lacey has been the single BEST decision I’ve made for my business. Before we began working together, I had an idea for how I wanted to run my business, but barely any plan whatsoever. I had no website, I had no strategies to help grow my business… Heck—I didn’t even know what an email funnel was!

Over the 6 months we worked together, Lacey helped me build my business from the ground up. She helped me to create the foundation to successfully continue to grow my business for months and years to come. Her philosophy of combining mindset, strategy, and execution were the exact ingredients I needed to help transform my barely-existent client and email list load to a booming client load and thriving tribe. Everything we did while working together was catered directly to me and my own business. There was no “cookie cutter” plan to follow, which was really important to me. Most importantly, Lacey was personally invested in me and my business every single step of the way. She celebrated my successes, and helped navigate my strategies and mindset when I hit a bump along the road.

I cannot recommend Lacey enough. I’m in the health and fitness world, and as Nike says—JUST DO IT. You and your business will be thankful you did!


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