Client Testimonial

Sara Wiles

Lacey has this beautifully honest AND gentle way of telling you what you need to hear in exactly the right moment. Her ability to quickly get to the root of an issue, both in business and life, and then help you uncover the next best step is uncanny! While working together, I sold out services multiple times, had my first $15k month, launched a brand new funnel (that now works like a charm), and saw 2x list growth. Plus, I gained the ability to trust and root in my value and expertise and shine from that place. I’m so much more confident and know what to do when something needs tweaking in my business. At the same time, I also have the confidence to stay the course because I know what’s right and true for me and my work. Basically, Lacey is the sh*t. She will change your life if you are open to receiving her guidance, wisdom and love. She’s an actual magical badass with mindset and equally magnificent with strategy. Her ability to support, help and guide business owners to whatever the next level is that they’re seeking is incredible!


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