Client Testimonial

Sam DiNicola

When I first started working with Lacey, I left my day job to start running my business full time. I was living in NYC but left to travel the country in a camper full time. I was making 5-6k a month as a solopreneur and didn’t have any desire to build a team.

My business has evolved so much since then! I am now comfortable and confident in hiring team members and support for my business. I invest in my business, we are a multiple six figure agency now, and I am able to work 15 hours per week. I get to stay home with my daughter, pursue other business ventures, and started investing in real estate.

Lacey helped me set up my business to continue running without me while I was out on maternity leave. I work less than I ever have before and Lacey helped me get to my first six figure year as a solopreneur, hire a team, and hit multiple six figures.

Having Lacey’s support during the more challenging times and also in the more quiet moments of business where everything is running smoothly is so important to me. She is intimately familiar with me and my business so when those challenges do arise she helps me get through them quicker.

Watch Sam’s video testimonial here.


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