Client Testimonial

Sabrina Philipp

How do you write a testimonial for the woman who changed your life? I’ve been trying to write this for months and I can’t seem to find the words because they are so trivial in comparison to what Lacey has done for me.

When I met Lacey I had a front-row seat on the struggle bus. I could not seem to get out of my own way and take the consistent action I knew I was missing. When I saw myself as defeated by the world, Lacey saw something greater. She sat with me and guided me and pulled me up into myself.

Six months into working with Lacey, I had my first six-figure cash month, features in Forbes and Business Insider, and a sold-out group program filled with 120 people. A few months later, I had a $500k Mastermind Launch.

So far this year I’ve had a multiple-six-figure group program launch, six-figure course launch, two in-person group VIP days in Florida and London, grown my Facebook group to 20k people, I’m about to take on an employee full-time, and I’ve scaled (and sold) my 1:1 coaching at $75k for a year.

Lacey is magic. You’ll feel it the minute you speak to her on the phone. These words don’t do her justice, but hopefully it’ll help you understand just how much she has radically changed my life and why I will forever be her biggest fan.


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