Client Testimonial

Rita Goodroe

Prior to working with Lacey, my business was performing well but felt overwhelming and unpredictable. I was carrying too many clients and creating too many offers and ways to work with me – without revenue that matched the effort and work I was putting in.

Now I have a business that supports my life (instead of one that was consuming it)! I’m clear on what I want (and what I don’t) and have a solid business foundation and strategy to achieve (and often exceed) all of my goals, which is why I can confidently say that I’ve built a rewarding, sustainable, enjoyable life (and business)!

Since working with Lacey, I’ve doubled my revenue nearly year after year, hired a team, and consistently fill my client roster and programs (thanks to the mindsets and strategies that she’s helped me develop).

Having a been-there-done-that coach in my circle gave me the insight (and the swift kick in the pants) I needed to recognize the work I was meant to do, the people I was meant to serve, and the time I was willing to invest. In short: I did everything I set out to do and made more money than I ever thought possible—with LOTS of time to spare.


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