Client Testimonial

Orly Wachter MS, RD

Lacey is by far the best coach I’ve ever worked with! She has a beautiful way of seeing the best in you, making you feel fully supported, and also challenging you to bust through any mindset barriers holding you back. I can truly say that Lacey has had an incredible impact on not only my business, but my overall life.

In less than 4 months I mastered my sales process, got fully booked and have stayed full since then! The best part is I did it with so much ease while working only 15-20 hours/week, since spending lots of time with my son is a priority. Lacey helped me get efficient with scheduling and bring on a VA to support my growth. Did I mention I just hit my first $10k month!

Overall I feel more focused and confident in my ability to continue getting big results on repeat, because I have a process that works for me and trust myself enough to make it happen. I’d absolutely 1000% recommend Lacey as a coach, so if you have the opportunity to work with her GO FOR IT!


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