Client Testimonial

Meghan Mackintosh

Lacey was a delight to work with because she listened deeply, was extremely professional, and she coached in an intuitive, strategic and heart-centered manner. Before working with Lacey I often got myself into burnout from overworking, so her coaching helped me understand and prevent that cycle.

Working with Lacey led me to trust myself more and execute on doing the things I love (without hustling). During my work with her I hired my first virtual assistant, I launched a challenge, I turned my previous challenges into mini courses, I re-invigorated and doubled my facebook group, and I created my content marketing strategy.

I would 100% recommend Lacey as a coach and feel blessed to have worked with her! She is a star at what she does and genuinely cares so much for her clients and their success in all areas of their life.


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