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Matthew Paetz

My time working with Lacey was phenomenal. I found her through the partnership model masterclass and jumped on the opportunity to book an intensive with her.

I learned very quickly that Lacey knows her sh*t. She was able to identify a few key things on the first call which changed the trajectory of where I was going. It was amazing because she was able to be very direct and pack a lot of information in while also being very casual and approachable in the conversation.

She was able to help me drill down how I communicate the partnership model to my clients; not only on the surface of what the program is, but what the potential issues would be as clients started to move forward through the process.

The ROI of signing even one more client, after working with lacey is 10x what I invested in the intensive so this was invaluable.

One of the biggest things that came from the call with Lacey was that we more than tripled our rate. Before Lacey I was only asking our clients to invest $3k for a three month program with a lot of additional services. After our first call she identified how valuable the support from me and my team was, assigned numbers to the value, and saw it was a no-brainer to take my offer from a $3k to a $10k; and gave me the confidence to communicate why. I feel confident about the price increase even a week after the call. When I’m ready to triple my rates, I’ll book another call with Lacey!

Values! Values, values and character were what led me to invest in an intensive with Lacey. She takes the time to get to know who you are and what matters most to you and then extracts the strategies that align the best with that.

She was able to identify the roadblocks I was inevitably going to have and give me the tips to avoid them.

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