Client Testimonial

Maria Troconis

There are so many things that I loved about working with Lacey. Her ability to listen intently. Her practical and sensible mind. Her approach to meeting you where you are and helping you level up by guiding you and perhaps also challenging you, and yet without pushing you and letting you accomplish your goals in the way that best suits you.

Working with Lacey has helped me fine-tune the way I communicate with potential clients, specifically by helping me focus on what matters to them most, which is the results of our work together. This simple, yet impactful shift in my communication, has led me to convert more of my leads. She helped me create a better social media strategy that’s allowed me to get on my ideal clients’ radar more effectively, and I have converted more clients in 3 months than I used to be able to accomplish in 6 months.

I felt supported by her every step of the way and appreciated her responsiveness. This was my first time hiring a business coach and I’m grateful for my experience with Lacey and Team A Lit Up Life.


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