Client Testimonial

Maggie Reyes

I started working with Lacey because I knew I needed personal attention and accountability to achieve my goals in my business. I kept working with Lacey because her unwavering support, guidance and wisdom was instrumental in establishing the building blocks of what is now a thriving marriage coaching company.

I will always be doing something of Lacey’s because I find everything she does filled with massive value, and I have grown as a person and a businesswoman through all the work I have done with her.

Through coaching with Lacey I didn’t just learn how to write better emails, although that happened or hold the space for a thriving Facebook Group, although that also happened, I learned about who I wanted to be as a coach and the values I wanted to express in my business.

I LOVED how I had access to Lacey in between sessions and modeled my own coaching package after hers to include that in between access.

As a result of one piece of coaching homework, I attended an in person training with Esther Perel (who is a world expert in the relationship space) and massively grew in both my skills and confidence.

When Lacey and I started working together, I was still doing recruitment consulting along with coaching and I had one or two coaching clients. By the time we finished our work together, I created a thriving coaching practice. I wasn’t the fastest client she ever had, sometimes it took me a while to process things and implement them, but I like to think I am the steadiest.

The foundations we laid for my business will make it strong and steady for years to come.

I loved that Lacey always met me where I was and helped me move forward one step at a time.

If you are considering working with her, I want you to know, that one of the things she told me on our consultation was that I would feel like I had a partner in my business. At the time, I didn’t realize how important and powerful that would be. Lacey’s support, guidance, generosity and wisdom in growing my business has been priceless. And what she said was 100% exactly how she showed up for me, every day, over and over again.

I am so happy and grateful for everything I have learned and experienced as her client. I refer her often to my closest and dearest friends with total confidence. If you are considering working with her, do it!


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