Client Testimonial

Lynsey Landry

Lacey literally was the BEST thing that ever happened to my business.

When I started working with Lacey I felt like I was in a deep hole. My business was struggling, my relationship was on the rocks, and knew that I needed some serious MAGIC. I had worked with a few coaches before Lacey and to be honest I felt like they just didn’t get me or my business. From my first session with Lacey I felt totally seen, heard, and met. She shows up and delivers 150%.

During our time together I filled up both 1:1 and group programs, doubled the size of my group, and started become seen and known as an energy expert and Intuitive Mentor for healers and soul centered entrepreneurs. And the best part is at the end of the day my boyfriend tells me things like… “I am not sure I have ever seen you so happy” or “I love seeing you in your zone”. To be at a place where my business and relationships is thriving feels so so good to me and I am not sure if I would have gotten here without Lacey’s guidance and support.

Lacey is one of a kind. She’s an expert in both deep mindset work and business. She knows when to push you, when to hold space, when to just listen and let you vent, and when to call bullshit on your patterns ? I love her to the moon and back and if you are ready to dive in deep and transform not just your business but also your life… I recommend you talk with her.


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