Client Testimonial

Liz Lockwood

While working with Lacey I filled my client spots, more than tripled the size of my FB group, ran a Facebook group course, hosted 2 (soon to be 3) challenges! I don’t think I would have gotten half of these results on my own. Lacey helped me shift my mindset from thinking that “nothing work” or “things have to be hard” to things can be easy and they CAN work!

I think the best thing about working with Lacey was the way she deeply listened to me and was able to weed out the important pieces from my sometimes messy thoughts. I love the way she held grounded space for me to grow as a person and a CEO and always met me where I was at along the way!

Lacey helped me develop as a person as much as she did a business woman! I have more confidence, I’m easier on myself, and I have more fun in my business and in my days. She even improved my marriage – I totally relied on talking to my husband way too much about business and now I have an awesome coach to talk to AND I find I’m more confident in myself to make my own decisions!


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