Client Testimonial

Lisa Laura

What I loved most about my experience is that I seriously felt like I had a business partner the whole time. But it was more than that! Lacey, without fail knew exactly what to say and do in each of our sessions and every time I reached out (which was at least a few times a week), with response and turnaround time within 24 hrs, most always withing a few. There were times when I needed specific steps laid out for me, which she always took the time to understand the whole picture so I was taking action in line with what was right for me and she worked with me through copy, ideas, response e-mails, pricing and more. She also knew when tough love was needed and would remind me of what I already knew to help me chill out, stay present and trust myself. She was my coach, business partner and friend when I needed it.

She was extremely patient with me and never failed to remind me how far I’ve come and that being IN the work is most important. Analyzing “all the things” never mattered. It’s noticing “the things” and sitting in the discomfort. That’s the work. We laughed a ton and I looked forward to every single one of our sessions because it was not only extremely helpful (we got sh*t done!) but it was also fun, like talking to an old friend who just gets it. My experience with Lacey was invaluable. I highly recommend her as a coach. We got clear, we planned, we implemented and we were a huge success together. I grew, my business grew and I couldn’t be happier looking back on where I was. If I didn’t hire Lacey, I would be overwhelmed and completely stuck analyzing all the things all the while sitting on a gold mine. And that’s exactly what she recognizes in you, your gold mine, your zone of genius and she doesn’t let you forget it or get in your own way. Thank you Lacey!!


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