Client Testimonial

Lisa Eaton Ling


Investing in coaching with Lacey was some of the easiest money I’d ever spent, because I was already getting so many results from her free stuff. And by the end of our work together, it was some of the best money I’d ever spent.

When you work with Lacey, not only do you get invaluable business support and strategies, you also get a mentor to walk the journey with. Which, for me, was priceless. This online business can be tough territory, so who wouldn’t want a business and mindset strategist by their side through it all? And while I have a binder (literally) of business strategies from working with Lacey, it was the business strategy, PLUS the amazing support and mentorship that has literally changed my life. Literally changed my life – it’s truly a beautiful thing.

As a psychotherapist, mindset coach, and (recovering) perfectionist, I really thought I had it all figured out and just needed some more business strategy when I hired Lacey. Well, I got the business strategy, but I also got the mindset support which helped me work less AND see more results AND in ways that felt more like me. Lacey guided me to stand even more fully in my own power as a successful business woman, and this has translated to greater fulfillment in so many areas of my personal life as well. See what I mean about priceless?!

When you work with Lacey, you truly have someone in your corner who wants your business to succeed, but who also wants YOU to succeed, in whatever ways that may look like for you. No matter what was coming up for me during the week – business or mindset – I knew that Lacey was just a phone call or an e-mail away and that I would feel genuinely cared about and guided.

I would highly recommend Lacey to anyone who is ready to grow their business AND ready to step up to an even more powerful version of themselves. And Lacey will remain my go-to coach as my business and life continues to expand in exciting ways!


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