Client Testimonial

Lindsay Cavanagh

I quadrupled my client load since working with Lacey. I went from VERY inconsistent income to consistent months where I am finally covering my expenses and I created my first course that sold at a 13% conversion rate.

I moved overseas with a newborn, toddler, and a cat while my spouse was deployed AND managed to not only keep my business running without wearing myself to the ground, but had it grow exponentially.

I am more mindful of how I plan my business around me and my needs versus the other way around. It has been so empowering and I have never felt more like a CEO.

What I love the most about working with Lacey is she really helps me to create the business that works best for me and my life. She is great at pushing you in a really gentle way. I would recommend Lacey to anyone and everyone. She is the best business coach hands down (and I have had a few).


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