Client Testimonial

Leah Gervais

Before working with Lacey I was just about to hit seven figures but wasn’t getting there. I was doing tons of launches and marketing and working 80+ hours per week. I was making consistent multiple five-figure months and working with dozens of clients and although I was happy it wasn’t sustainable.

Two months after my first session with Lacey, I broke through a seven-figure ceiling I was occupying for months. I sold out my Mastermind. I planned and successfully had a maternity leave. I raised my coaching prices (and sold them) at $75k.

I still make multiple five-figure months in MRR every month, but I am a mom of a toddler now, work about a third as much as I used to, and even let go of our nanny to be with my son full time all while keeping my income high. I’ve had two seven-figure sales years.

Lacey helped me take back ownership of my business. Working with her, I truly feel like my business is of my highest design and here to support my life, mission and my clients, my way. I’m so much more confident in what I have to offer. I can’t imagine my life or business without Lacey!


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