Client Testimonial

Lauren Saunders

During my 6 months working with Lacey, I went from having a few profitable months a year, to finding consistency and financial security in my business by going to work on my confidence and mindset as a coach. What I most loved about working with Lacey was how much she was able to identify what I really needed in order to get to where I wanted to be. She knew it wasn’t more strategy or a bigger audience, but rather, the way I viewed myself. She immediately recognized that for me, the missing piece was stepping into my own power, and getting super sold on myself as someone who could truly change the lives of my clients and program participants.

I’d worked with a large variety of coaches previous to Lacey, and none of them focused on mindset in the way she did. Lacey truly understood that our beliefs create our reality (AKA our results or lack thereof in our businesses) and that everything else is secondary to how we think and feel. Having the support of a coach who confirmed what I’d always felt to be true (that mindset is 95% of the job and that strategy doesn’t solely determine success) gave me permission to place my focus where it really mattered– inwardly.

Despite having multiple 5-figure program launches during our 6-months together, the life-changing financial results were only my second favourite outcome of my time spent with her. The real change came in the way of my emotions and my day-to-day experience of life. I went from being totally overwhelmed, insecure, frustrated and hustling like crazy to finding clarity, confidence and ease in my business. Lacey encouraged me to prioritize my own happiness over the hustle, and that change in my mindset has quickly manifested as a successful business I absolutely love, a new apartment I feel blessed to live in, and an overall peace of mind that has me back to living my life and not constantly stressing about the business out of a scarcity-driven mindset.

I can honestly say that I have never been happier or more fulfilled than I am right now, and Lacey played a monumental role in making my dream, my reality. I feel so incredibly grateful for her generosity and her commitment to the innovative work she does, and would highly recommend her without hesitation to anyone reading this. If you desire a fulfilled and abundance life and business, Lacey is your girl.


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