Client Testimonial

Laura Rivett

Before I met Lacey, I only had the seed of my business idea, The Movement Project. I had no idea what the next steps were, I wasn’t being productive and I had so many doubts – and I hadn’t even started the business yet! During my time with Lacey, I had calls with her every week. During the calls she helped me find clarity on my business, went over the next steps and helped me through any mental blocks. She also gave me wonderful advice and insight and I always felt her genuine interest and belief in the potential of my business. In between calls, she would always be there when I became stuck.

Honestly, she saved me so many times. I suddenly become more productive and motivated than I’ve ever been my life. My business launched a couple months sooner than I was expecting and people have been extremely responsive to my business! Everyone was so excited about it! I was so excited about it! I would jump right onto my business to-do list and often forget to eat! That’s how much fun I was having! My business was growing at such a rapid rate. It was completely amazing! I would highly recommend Lacey to anyone in need of a business “best friend” and an amazing coach who can hold them accountable and show them the way to operating a successful online business. As a coach, Lacey is always there for you, always positive and always ready to motivate and inform you on your next business steps. I think her business experience, expertise and authenticity really sets her apart from other business coaches. I friggen’ love Lacey!


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