Client Testimonial

Katrina Cobb

I started with Lacey a few months after leaving my full time business coaching job for a global company so I could have more time freedom while I was exploring a new lifestyle as a digital nomad. I had a small handful of private coaching clients and was earning about $5k monthly but was scraping by while paying down debt and also managing to live abroad and travel full time.

Now my business regularly grosses $15-20k monthly and I have a team of 5 VAs that work with me to support 7 amazing online coaches. I have grown the business to over 200k revenue while tracking to pay myself 6 figures for the first time, taking fully unplugged vacations with team handling all client issues, paying down over 80k in debts, and personally meeting my ideal partner and reclaiming time for art and passions.

Lacey has also helped me get less stuck in my head with perfectionism (moving through the swings faster!) and finally shift out of a really limiting scarcity mentality financially.

I signed up for ‘business coaching’ but the best bits have probably been the ‘whole person coaching’ approach she takes. I think it’s impossible to separate personal and professional growth now and I think some of the greatest shifts have come from more personal development with her nudges and support.


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