Client Testimonial

Katey Olivia Smyth

Lacey is one of the most selfless, compassionate, and hard working coaches I know. She also goes beyond and above for her clients! The thing I loved most about working with Lacey is her ability to adapt to what you need. Any time I needed some extra support, Lacey showed up to make me feel loved and supported throughout my personal life and my business. During our work together, I signed a handful of clients, bought a new truck, moved out of my parents, sky dove, booked my first trip on a plane OUT OF THE COUNTRY, ran my first challenge, ran my first successful group program, and had my first 10k months. I’m a very big picture/idea-oriented person, and Lacey always had a gift for grounding me and getting me to execute so I was able to scale my business. I would recommend Lacey in the highest regards!


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