Client Testimonial

Katelyn Hamilton

I have felt massively supported since day one with Lacey and really love having someone help me focus on my own business growth and success as I so often get wrapped up in my clients work. I am a high-achiever personality and a recovering people pleaser, therefore I have had to learn how to stand in my own truth and value, set boundaries and be more confident in my own worth and abilities. I have also had to learn how to sit back a bit and create space in my business, how to more effectively outsource to my team to give me more time to serve my clients in new ways.

I have seen growth all around in my business. I’ve had consistent 10k months just a couple months into working with Lacey, I’ve gained additional clients and put a full team in place to help me feel more supported in my business, and together we solidified a plan for maternity leave to still bring in money to my business while out. I’ve crossed the six-figure mark in less than a year of working together and I am continuing to see upward momentum.

Hands down hiring Lacey was one of my best decisions in business! I would recommend her again and again!


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