Client Testimonial

Kate Boyd

I loved the depth of support Lacey provides. She’s not just incredibly smart but she also cares deeply about every client. You feel like you have a true partner to help you strategically, a good friend to tell you truth (both hard and happy truth), and a cheerleader to encourage and push you every day.

With Lacey, I left my 9-5 without skipping a financial beat, grew my list by double and my group by triple, sold out my practice, launched two successful group programs, hired a new team member, and had my first $5k and $6k months.

But where Lacey really shines is in her ability and willingness to go deep and help you make transformative changes. With her I found a clarity in my business and message I didn’t have before. I left her feeling 100x more confident and went from struggling to own and share my gifts to doing that consistently. I grew as a person and as an entrepreneur, and I am not sure I could’ve done any of it on my own without her nonstop encouragement and belief in me. Hands down I’d recommend Lacey to others – I already have and will continue to do so. I can only hope to be as good of a coach myself some day!


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