Client Testimonial

Julia Wells

Lacey keeps it super real and does it all with love. She gets right underneath your sh*t and is a masterful coach, leading with the perfect balance of letting you figure it out yourself and guiding you in the right direction. I feel like Lacey is genuinely invested in my success and shows up 100%.

I just wrapped up a year of working with Lacey and the results have been incredible. We spent the first 6 months building a ton and undoing so many unhelpful patterns and stories I had built up. In that time I really focused on fully committing to my business and the work I’m here to do.

Around month 7 things EXPLODED. I sold out my private coaching until 2020 (this was in July!) and I still had so many leads and nothing to sell so I immediately launched a mastermind with no sales page and sold that out too totaling about 120k in sales in under 2 months. I then went on to launch a wildly successful podcast, grew my fb group and had them so engaged with nothing to buy that when I launched my signature group course, I had 4x the enrollment of last year and did a 75k launch with no ad spend or fancy funnel at all.

More importantly, I’m so fucking confident and solid in my business. I’m a full-time nomad and run my business from all over the world working 2-4 hours a day. I’m expanding my team and passing off more and more work every day, scaling strategically and sustainably and having so much fucking fun while doing all of it.

Seriously, hire Lacey yesterday.


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