Client Testimonial

Jessica Jordana Paxson

Before I had the opportunity to work with Lacey, my business was successful on paper, but I felt like I was CONSTANTLY running. It felt like the only way to get an influx of cash was to do a big discount, and I didn’t enjoy almost anything I was doing. I was booked out with clients, but had no real defined process to continue that over time, and as a result most of my success felt like a fluke or by accident. I also had a very successful digital product that was fueled primarily by ads that started to tank after the iOS updates. I went on maternity leave and came back to working with Lacey knowing something had to change for me to keep going.

During my time with Lacey, it’s looked like a WHOLE LOT of dismantling, deleting things that were kind of working, but not well enough, and really asking myself along the way, “Is this more of what I want?”.

Through that journey, I was able to successfully run a new membership for 7 months, and then have the courage to say “no” to that even though it was working. I now have a sales process for booking clients so I know exactly what to do to keep momentum. I also make around $5k/month with my digital product, no ads required. Finally, I’ve launched a coaching program for copywriters, something I was afraid to do for a while, but have gotten an amazing response. I couldn’t have made any of these intentional decisions without Lacey’s guidance and encouragement.

I had an $18k Black Friday, a $4k low-ticket membership launch, and have had launches with overall conversion rates between 7% and 9%. I went from zero recurring monthly income at the start to around $3k in membership income and $2500 in recurring client income. And things will grow from here!

How can I ever thank Lacey for pointing me back to myself enough times for me to HAVE to figure out who I am outside of everyone else’s approval? I’ve felt BEYOND supported and I’ve made so many changes in my life (completely outside of business). My entire 3 years of business before Lacey, I don’t know how I survived inside my head. But now I can say that I feel proud of myself on the regular.

Watch Jessica’s video testimonial here.


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