Client Testimonial

Heather C. Stephens

I was laid off from my job at the beginning of last summer and was launching a WordPress Design business when I met Lacey. She had posted in a Facebook group that she got 8 clients in her first month of her business, so I signed up for a free 15-minute session to pick her brain. I implemented what I learned in that call as soon as we hung up and walked away with two new web design clients in two days. Then we started working together full-time. Beyond the marketing ideas, Lacey has helped me to see myself differently. Example: While I was looking for clients who need a website built from scratch, I kept getting clients at the end of their rope.

They had already spent lots of money on a website but were left by their web designers with unfinished or broken sites that they weren’t proud to show off to potential clients. Many designers can build a site from a blank canvas, but going in to troubleshoot and fix the mess someone else left behind takes a higher skillset. I was taking that ability for granted while focusing on the blank-slate clients. Lacey helped me to see that was my strength and my niche in the market. Lacey also helped me to uncover my core desires: contribution, connection, accomplishment, and freedom. She also has helped me to see how my desire for freedom shows up in frequently in my life. I’ve discovered that when I’m feeling resistance to something it is usually because I’m feeling a lack of freedom. Learning to view situations through what I call my “Freedom Filter” helped me to work past stucks and in 2 1/2 months I was able to build a successful business that quadrupled my full-time monthly income, allowed me to build an emergency fund and leave my full time job in early December of 2015.

I’m now working from home full-time with a calendar that is booked 2-3 months ahead! And with Lacey’s help, I’m shifting my focus towards ways to leverage my time and scale my business to 20K+/month. I highly recommend Lacey as a coach. She is generous, insightful, and highly focused on her client’s success! Most importantly she is not just a coach with “fluffy talk,” Lacey is dynamo who will help you (and push you) to get results!


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