Client Testimonial

Hannah Fleace

Before I started working with Lacey, my business was very scattered. I had tons of different offers and no real game plan around my messaging or content. I was making nearly all of my income from retainer clients and struggling to land bigger projects and clients. I also struggled to see mindset as a solution for what wasn’t working in my business.

Since working with Lacey, I feel so much more empowered in my mindset and approach to business. Now, I have one core offer that I love and that is easy for me to talk to people about because I believe in it so much. I feel SO much better about where I am in my business as a whole and I feel more confident making decisions and with my strategy.

Working with Lacey feels like unconditional love. Lacey is an amazing coach and mentor. She gives and gives and gives. I’m amazed by how much she serves and how grounded she stays about everything. She’s one of the REAL ones in the online space, and I feel so blessed to have worked with her.


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