Client Testimonial

Frannie Coggeshall

When I first started working with Lacey, I felt like a solopreneur and was disconnected from my team. I was offering a number of services and I didn’t have a funnel of my own. I was making $250k-$300k per year but I had massive imposter syndrome and struggled with trusting in myself, feeling like a leader, and with my marketing message.

Since working with Lacey, I have more than doubled my client base, built my own funnel, almost doubled my revenue, and have been able to pay myself high five figures every month. I have learned how to delegate and foster team members who carry things with me and I have built a work environment with a high performing team that has become organized, structured, and supportive.

One of the biggest milestones for me has been being able to take time off and fully disconnect. I have also gained self trust and confidence in my work, as a leader, and in my personal life. When a challenge arrives, I now have the motivation and mindset to continue and know where and when to shift.

I can bring all of me to the table with Lacey without any judgment. She has taught me to work to figure out the answers myself, which is what has built that confidence and self trust that I was missing before.

Watch Frannie’s video testimonial here.


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