Client Testimonial

Felicia Keller Boyle Headshot

Felicia Keller Boyle

I’ve been working with Lacey for a little over 6 months.

When I started working with Lacey I had a full roster of private clients but was struggling to fill my programs or sell digital offers. I had come off of my highest revenue year (consistent $15k-$20k months) into a year where I was struggling to get clients and my business just felt so different ($10k and sometimes less months). My confidence was shaken and it was so hard because I was doing more than ever. 

I am slowly making progress. My business is so complex these days. But Lacey helps me find areas where I can make a difference. For the first time I’ve started to sell some of my low cost offers to people I hadn’t met! I also sold my first coaching intensives to people who weren’t already clients. 

The biggest win was selling a high ticket coaching intensive to a new client. This was a big goal of mine and I’m really excited to see how I can continue to sell my coaching intensives reliably.

One of Lacey’s superpowers is making clients feel celebrated. I love receiving gifts on special occasions or when I resign with her. I know she does it for everyone but I still feel special. It’s so cool to see this modeled in a business.

Watch Felicia’s video testimonial about her non-tangible results here.


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