Client Testimonial


Eva Beronius

What I loved most about my intensive with Lacey was that I got so much clarity and I got a solution to a problem that I’d been sitting with for a long time. I now know what to focus on and this clarity has brought me a lot of great results in just two months.

Before working with Lacey, my conversion rate was at 15%. Now, since we’ve worked on the messaging and finding the pain points, I have a very clear funnel that is working and my conversion rate was at 46 percent.

I feel like I’ve freed up so much energy because I know where to focus and what’s going to build my business long term and create the kind of revenue and impact sustainably the way that I want to. I am now in my power about what I’m doing and I can see the future which brings me a lot of excitement and joy.

One of the things that I so much appreciated about working with Lacey is that she never tried to put me in a box or rush me. She allowed me the freedom to lean into what feels best. And that gave me so much power and freedom in finding a way that would work for me.

I would recommend an intensive with Lacey to anyone who’s feeling stuck. Maybe you’ve hit a ceiling and you feel like you can’t get past that level. Or maybe you’re sitting with some confusion or feeling like you’re running in circles. She is the best at getting to the core of things and guiding you on to the next step. She knows the roadmap. She can see what is next. So I would recommend instead of trying to figure it all out by yourself or feeling confused and stuck, go get an intensive with Lacey and you will feel amazing and you will see amazing results.

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