Client Testimonial

Emma-Louise Parkes

Since my intensive with Lacey, I have raised my prices, had an enquiry at my new rates, and pre-sold a spot in my mastermind 3 months in advance! I’ve outsourced the rest of the bits of admin I was clinging onto for dear life lol… so now I have zero emails, contracts, invoices, etc to clog up my bandwidth!

It feels great knowing I now have a plan moving forward to launch my community vs mapping it out ‘on the fly’. I also feel more confident in my offers and pricing, because having an external, neutral pair of eyes on them (especially eyes that are very experienced and business savvy!) helps alleviate any niggling mindset doubts that were creeping in!

I chose Lacey because of her experience and business acumen, but also because I know she gets straight to the point. Because I wanted support on both strategy and mindset it was vital to work with someone who could understand the intersection of the two, and provide guidance on both. Having that blend was perfect and enabled me to cover 3 fairly meaty topics (mapping out a new offer, raising my prices, and onboarding an OBM) in 2 hours with time to spare!


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