Client Testimonial

Cori Javid

Where do I even begin to describe all the ways in which Lacey is amazing?? To describe Lacey as a magical human being would be an understatement. I cannot imagine being more fully supported by a coach in just the most empowering way. Working with Lacey (for over 18 months now!) has lead to my life completely changing. I am literally living the dream now. But more than my life changing, I have changed and am so much happier.

I started working with Lacey before I even had a business. In our time together, I launched my business, replaced my corporate salary within 3 months of launching, doubled it in 7 months, hit my first 5-figure month, my first multiple 5-figure month, I filled out my 1:1 coaching practise time and time again, now have a waiting list, I hired support, launched an online shop, launched a podcast and so much more with Lacey’s support. And the BEST part? I achieved all of this while working 25 hours a week, often less. Lacey has never been anything other than 100% supportive of the terms on which I want to achieve my goals and even reminds me of my own terms if I waiver!

Lacey has taught me to give myself a ton of grace, to be my own amazing boss and to find a beautiful balance between creating success myself and allowing success to come to me. She is my biggest cheerleader and champion and the person I often go to first to celebrate wins with. Working with Lacey is nothing short of a gift.

If you’re looking for a coach who truly and deeply cares about YOU and believes in your potential, Lacey is your woman. I cannot recommend her more highly. Lacey hears you, understands you and guides you to grow your business in a way that suits you. She doesn’t prescribe a way to achieve success, she helps you find your own path to it, which I adore about her.


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