Client Testimonial

Christine McAlister

Whatever I needed — a therapy session for my mindset or a really aligned strategy to execute on immediately — you met me where I was each step along the way. Working with you, I crossed the six-figure mark, became completely booked out with clients, started a waiting list, successfully launched two rounds of a group program, and created a new info product that’s been popular and given huge publicity to my business! Best of all, these results have been sustainable month after month and my “low months” are still really good months. Plus, the emphasis on connection you teach? It’s been hugely transformational. Some of my closest friends are people I’ve met as a result of adding relationship-building into my business. All in all, I’ve realized I can have a six-figure business working part time, I can work with only clients I love, and I can make incredible connections that better both my professional and personal life!


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